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Name: Raye
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Character Name: Bella Kirkwood
Character Series: A Charmed Life
Character Age: 17
Background: Born in New York to a plastic surgeon to the stars and a model, Bella grew up with plenty of money and opportunity. She used the money to her advantage, spending a lot of her time going on shopping sprees with her friends. She was an A-List girl, getting into the hottest parties and the coolest clubs. She went to an all girls private school, where she wrote an advice column for all the girls who needed a little bit of guidance. While neither of her parents were big on religion, she was a good Christian girl who went to church on Sundays and prayed regularly. By the time she was fifteen, she had anything a girl could want. The best friends, an amazing boyfriend who had looks and personality, and a nearly endless supply of money.

That all changed, though, when her father traded her mother in for a newer model. They separated, and within six months, her mother was getting remarried to a widower farmer in the depths of Oklahoma. Bella was forced to move away from her friends, her boyfriend, her father, and her life just so she could start a new one in a town where people didn’t know the difference between Payless and Prada.

Upon arriving in Truman, Bella managed to get on the bad side of her peers in a matter of days. When word of her blog — where she’d written some particularly nasty things about the students in her school in her fits of anger and despair -- got out, her classmates turned their backs on her. On top of that, she was put on the newspaper staff, and Luke Sullivan, editor in chief, was not happy about it. While investigating some bogus story that involved dumpster diving for the paper, Bella overheard a real story. The football team was up to no good, and Bella had made it her personal mission to figure it out. But of course, when she tried to let Luke know, he didn’t believe her. Her only choice was to go solo.

Bella began to investigate, diving deep into the mystery. She got herself into trouble that Luke had to pull her out of, and eventually, he decided he needed to keep an eye on her. Bella grudgingly agreed to work on the case with him.

It wasn’t until Bella got kidnapped by the psycho captain of the team that she put all the pieces together. Bella narrowly escaped death that night, saved (once again) by Luke. With their magnificent teamwork, they solved the case, published the story, and brought closure to a lot of people in the town.

Just when Bella was getting used to her life in Truman, God threw another curve ball at her. Her step-father was going to be on a reality show, one that would also capture her life on camera. Plus, Luke revealed the fact that he had a girlfriend, and she found out her cheater ex-boyfriend was in town. Talk about one bombshell after another. It was only several days later that her friend Anna was framed for stealing the junior class funds, and Anna decided to put Bella on the case to get to the bottom of it.

Of course, Luke claimed the story for the missing class funds, and he had no intentions of letting Bella figure out the mystery on her own. Then Ruthie McGee, a prom candidate just like Anna, hired Bella to find out who photoshopped pictures of her kissing somebody who wasn’t her boyfriend. That was when Bella made the connection. Between the framing of Ruthie and Anna, and the fact that the reservations for the caterer for prom somehow got canceled, she came to the conclusion that everything happening was tightly tied to the prom.

Bella dived head-first into the prom sabotage case. Again, it was Luke’s job to keep an eye on her, not that that stopped her from getting into trouble. She got threatening letters that told her to mind her own business, and her life was endangered more than once. It was like the football fiasco all over again, but worse.

It took a while, but eventually, they were sure they figured it out. They thought they had found the guy who was trying to ruin prom. It was somebody who had means, motive, and opportunity. They felt like the pieces had fallen nicely into place, and they declared it a case closed.
It turned out, though, that they were wrong. It wasn’t who they originally thought it was at all. It was a close call, but Bella and Luke managed to save the day without prom getting blown up, catch the real culprit, and sort out their feelings and become a couple.

Bella just couldn't seem to catch a break, though. Only about a month after the prom fiasco, the Fritz Family Circus came to town -- and so did Luke’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Timmons, and that girl was on the prowl. In the same night, Bella found the dead body of Betty the Bearded Lady, and found Ashley getting all kissy faced with Luke. Even though both Luke and Ashley said it was Ashley’s fault and she was the one that initiated the kiss, Bella called it quits and decided a break up was in order.

After that night, she decided she was going to become Betty the Bearded Lady’s avenger. To get on the inside, she got a job at the circus as a clown. Not the most ideal job, but it would have to do. Like all her past cases, Luke wouldn’t let her work this one alone, whether or not they were broken up. Also like all of her past cases, this one was dangerous. She had a convicted murderer contacting her, she had gotten threatening letters, and she was pretty sure her suspects were onto her.

She managed to put the pieces together finally, but it was almost too late. Luke had to save her from a burning building, and together, they caught Betty’s killers and brought happiness to the people around them.

Bella ended her junior year by solving a murder and getting Luke back as her boyfriend. Not a bad deal, in her opinion.

Personality: More than almost anything else, Bella is nosy. She has a natural curiosity that’ll keep her asking questions and probing for useful information. She won’t stop until she’s satisfied, even if it means coming back for a second, third, or even fourth time. This curiosity can easily get her into trouble, but she always manages to find a way out of it.

One of the main ways she gets herself out of sticky situations is her charismatic personality. She’s not afraid of engaging strangers in conversation, and she’s been known to captivate people through her charm. Flattery, in her opinion, can get you almost anywhere, and she’ll definitely use that to her advantage. She’s confident in just about everything she does. This includes her crime solving abilities and her writing skills. She’s always had a very high self-esteem. She’s very passionate about everything that she does, and makes sure that she follows her projects through instead of just getting them partially done.

Even after the reality check of moving to the small town of Truman, Oklahoma, she can still be snobbish at times. She’s a lot more open-minded when it comes to what she wears and who she befriends, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t pick a designer brand over store brand if she got the chance to. She still cherishes the moments she gets to take her daddy’s credit card out for a day and spend it on whatever she likes. Without a doubt, she still dresses to impress. Her sometimes sarcastic and witty comments and replies can also make her come off as a snob.

Bella is a very stubborn girl. Once she puts her mind to something, there’s not a force in the world that can stop her. This is what makes her such a good crime solver, but this is also what gets her into so much trouble. She’s impulsive and doesn’t think before she acts. She’ll dive headfirst into any situation without thinking about the consequences, or her safety. She has a strong sense of justice. If she feels like somebody is being wrong or cheated, she’ll try her very best to make sure that it stops.

Despite the fact that she’s stubborn, though, she’s also quite forgiving. This is shown when she forgives and befriends her ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her. She’s friendly, lending a helping hand to those who need it. She’ll help cater her mother’s parties, and she was more than willing to give her friend a makeover to impress the boy she likes.
Abilities: None!
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